Hi, I'm Ewan! I'm a freelance games programmer and designer, and co-founder of Yellow Crow Games. I have an exhaustive passion for all parts of the creative process - writing, designing, coding, and everything in between. I love crafting needlessly detailed, emotionally resonant and whimsical worlds that take advantage of the medium of games.

I graduated from Abertay University in 2023, where I studied Computer Games Applications Development. Whilst there I researched Procedural Content Generation in order to create algorithmically generated 3D Platformer levels for my Honours Project, and competed in Abertay’s Dare Academy competition in 2022, winning both the Grand Prize and the Dell Prize.

With Yellow Crow Games, we’ve been working on For Hexposure - a game showing a slice of life for a Witch running a potion shop, improving the lives of her customer’s as an independent creative. I act as Programmer, Designer and Writer on the game.

As a freelancer, I’m a member of Biome Collective - I have previously worked on a publicly displayed game with Abertay University and have been contracted multiple times for QA work with Tend VR.


  • Coding Languages: C++, C#, GDScript
  • Experienced Gameplay Programmer
  • Strong knowledge of the Unity Game Engine, both 2D and 3D development
  • Experience using Unreal Engine and Godot Engine
  • Knowledge of Procedural Content Generation, use of rule-based systems and Perlin Worms
  • Knowledge of Gameplay, Mechanic and Narrative Design
  • Writer, both for game dialogue and personal journalistic projects


  • Winner of Abertay's Dare Academy Grand Prize, Dell Prize, 2022
  • Winner of Best Team Project at Gamebridge, 2023
  • Exhibitor at EGX London, 2022
  • Invited to present a talk at Abertay Game Development Society, 2024
  • Awarded a Saltire Award for 200 hours of Volunteering, 2019

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