Programmer - Abertay University

This was a contract over the Summer of 2023, to take over and continue development of a unique game exhibit on show to the public at the Dundee Waterfront.

This involved working independently to short deadlines as the primary programmer on small team. The main focus was on optimisation of an existing code base and implementation of new features, testing and working directly with lead designer on the project, and implementing with regards to specific hardware - the installation is built with a bespoke control and screen set up.

The project was originally developed by Abertay Game Lab and Konglomerate Games (whilst I didn't work with them directly, I've linked their page below). It was a super interesting experience to work on a project from more of a maintenance perspective - that HUGELY increased the quality of my own code following this project. It was a lovely environment to work in, Lynn and Gaz made it so welcoming. Having something I've worked on permanently available in the city (when maintained) feels really... conclusive? Like I've left a nice mark in my 5 years there, even if it's just a little thing.

As of June 2024 the setup is up and running with the iteration made by me! If there are any major updates I'll (try) to keep this page updated.

QA Tester - Tend VR

Have been contracted on multiple occasions to do QA testing for Tend VR, providing feedback and bug reports for their mental health app for the Oculus Quest 3.

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