The research question for this project was 'How can procedural techniques be used to generate enjoyable levels for a 3D platformer?' Answering this led to me creating a game that generates new levels every time you play. Here's a gameplay video - the project can be downloaded on itch!


Attempting to analyse what makes 3D platformers so enjoyable, and systematically breaking them down to create something new each time. I have always loved the genre - but I had noticed that there hadn't been much research done into applying procedural techniques to the level design. Part of this is applying my passion for design with my skills in programming - implementing and finetuning these procedural systems to create levels that are enjoyable, coherent and completable.

The project uses Perlin worms to generate levels - extrapolating a list of points from the positions the worm travels through, building a spline from it, and decorating said spline with obstacles. I'll spare you of the details here, but it's all in my dissertation, available here!


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