I am, at heart, a generalist. I want to do everything - I feel empowered by the creative process when I see all sides of it - designing what I implement, sketching worlds and molding them with my bare hands. I am not a master of all, by any means - but I want to highlight every little thing that I do here in order to actualise it. Progress is slow, and I am easily distracted - but if I want to continue to put whatever I make into the world, I need to keep embracing the awkward one-offs, embracing that growth.

This is all entirely self-indulgent, so that's why it's tucked here at the bottom. But on the off chance someone else is reading all of this, let me know! My emails are always open.

"I feel, at any given time, tuggеd in all directions at once. That is, if anything can be thus dеscribed, my defining quality." - the Narcissist Cookbook, STOPPING A GARDEN HOSE WITH YOUR THUMB


I've been playing music since I was a kid - forced by school, took piano lessons, self-taught guitar, the classic story. One thing that held me back from composing is that I couldn't make what I wanted to - so I devalued what I could make.

But based on some advice from musician extrordinaire Calum Sarjeant (linked below) - I've just been setting out with the desire to create something, anything - and seeing where I can go from there. That's what I'm chronicling here!

2D Artwork

When I started at uni, I made a promise that I would try and draw something, every month, to see the improvement process. I kept this up for all of 2020, and whilst I did less in following years, I still try and keep it up.

(There's quite a lot of art here, so I put it under it's own gallery. Click on the button to see it!)

3D Artwork

As of recent, I've been trying to 3D model using Nomad Sculpt - I've been finding it incredibly relaxing to listen to a podcast and sculpt something early in the morning. So far I've mostly been creating 3D models of For Hexposure characters - but I'm hoping to do some more when I have the time.

This very website!

My original portfolio site (which I should be able to link to an archive) was made using Wix. Which worked great! But at the start of 2024 they greatly increased their prices and I am only a little guy - so I'm making my own little corner of the web right here. I was really inspired by my friend Ari - she wrote her own portfolio using HTML and so I'm trying to follow in her footsteps and be an amateur web dev (mine definietly isn't as classy as hers though!)

It was fun making a website for the first time since high school! I wanted to try and caputre that old web vibe - with the many little hidden pages and secrets and MySpace-era HTML and CSS. If I hide secrets all over my games - why not my web prescence as well?

When I was at uni, I was supposed to be studying for some class and ended up on some tangent, talking to friends about the Nowhereville Scottish town I'm from, Gourock - and one of the few pages I could find about it was called Images of Scotland by Alan Ingram. And I got wrapped into the magical world of this early web archive of Scottish history, with seemingly hundreds of interlocking pages and CSS that felt like it had escaped the wrong decade. I wanted to capture a little of that whimsical inspiration here.

Other places I can be discovered!

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