Disc Golf - Augmented Reality Assignment

Created using Unreal Engine 5 - this is a mobile game that uses AR for an arcade sports game where the player can toss a frisbee from their hand and have it fly into the goal using Unreal's physics systems.

This project has a lot of extra work put into it for polish - including UI, menu options and sound effects. It also provided a lot of experience working with Unreal and needing to adhere to Epic's coding standards, as well as experience in Blueprinting!

Wwise Audio Project

This project makes use of Unity and Wwise to create a dynamic soundscape. Focusing on implementing spatialised sounds, audio effects and dynamic music.

The project involves the player hiding from their parent - listening to the soundscape, determining where they are based on the direction of the footsteps, and trying to play their games console undetected. I loved working with Wwise to try and create this delicate and anxious environment, and it could be fun to expand this someday to create a more realised slice of software. The app can be played here, but it's kind of a big file - I'll work on getting a video of it at some point!

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